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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 11, 2006 || 9:25 pm

(here’s some truths for fans of sech thangs)

Lord, I know I am shameful to thee,

and anyway, I am tired of being good.

I drink wine from a thirty-three dollar

glass, and speak twenty-seven cent words.

I wish I was enough on all counts.

But you know all about that.

Whatever: Almighty or not.

UPdate: I had waaay too much wine. I have heartburn. Funny how heartburn isn’t even an issue when you are twenty. Then again, neither are mortgages. Or a guy showing up from your past to interrupt your happy marital idyll. Hot damn, I love thirty-five. My calves are fucking hot, even if I have to spend twice as long in the gym for them as I used to. Pie=evil. (bastard pie)

Can you tell I’m drunk?? If so, what exactly gave me away?

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  1. Johnny T 5.15.2006

    I caught as you transitioned from heartburn to your calves.

    Also, the part where you said you had too much wine sort of clued me in.

  2. Jettomatika 5.27.2006

    You always were a keen one, Barber.


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