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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 12, 2006 || 6:04 pm

Happy birthday and rest in peace, beautiful girl.

“We all have our path that we walk here and largely it unfolds before us completely out of our control regardless of how we plan, prepare, or think.”

“My friends and family have tried to keep my mind engaged this week and keep me busy to ease the intensity of mourning. I’m not very good at it.”

“What am I to do?”

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Some three years ago, Clayton let me bust out the news of his engagement to EL. I got to grace the interwebnet with the grand and wonderful news. He was so very excited by her, by the prospect of a life with her.

And then, when they were married, I posted a poem. It seems fitting to re-post it now. There is an achey sort of irony to it.

If I could take you

Even no further than into my arms

You would be where you belong.

To possess you for even so short a time

and, with your arms around me, to be possessed

Two helpless pawns, controlled

by the fire and sweet gravity of desire

Holding you

I would chase and catch the lights that burn in your eyes

Until for just a moment they shine brightly, just for me

And then, sweetly smoldering, your curtains close

Leaving me to dream

Knowing even the sweetest dream could not compare

~R. Bankard, ‘Response’

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  1. clayton 6.12.2006


  2. becky 6.18.2006

    my god. i had no idea. there are no words to describe how heartbreaking this news is.


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