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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 22, 2006 || 11:04 pm

Summer(s) in the South

I do believe I could eat myself a tomato sandwich twice a day, every day, if the maters were vine-ripe and near-bursting (because all that damn flavor is near-dying to get out from under that skin) all year ’round like they are in June and July.

And you? The you I got off the phone with around twelve ay emm Eastern?

Go fuck yourself. Come back when you’re satisfied with doing so and have cleaned up sufficiently to merit my attention. I remembered tonight why I made myself –absolutely FORCED, with a great deal of EFFORT and DEDICATION– hate you for a minimum of seven years before deciding that it was every bit as exhausting as loving you to the end of the ends: You deserved it.

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  1. Johnny T 7.28.2006

    I agree with you about the tomato sandwiches. My tomato crop is a little less spectacular in flavor than previous years. But nothin’ is better than thick slices of juicy homegrown tomatos on a sandwhich. Fat slices, like tomato steaks.

    To make your sandwich great, put fresh basil leaves on it too — like a lot. Plus salt and pepper. Avocado never hurts either. A littler cheder could spruce it up. Toasted bread is good — good bread only, of course.

    Mmmmmm — – - — I’m hungry now.

  2. Jettomatika 7.28.2006

    Spinach! FRESH SPINACH is good as well.


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