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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 8, 2006 || 1:09 am

The wonder of reconciliation.

We spoke, words

Hard-lining the air between us

Eyes lit up like coals,

Bright, burning, obsidian.

Naught could cool them.

Over same words we climbed,

Seeking purchase in a pause,

Footing on a comma:

Avoid the periods;

They are hard to get over.

Somewhere we met, again

And oh, again we reached,

Clasping wrists…each pulling

(we learned not to tug long

ago; tendons pop) the other in.

Back into the eddy

Where understanding swims

Soothing us into caresses,

A hand on throat (mine, yours)

Fingers wound in hair (yours, mine).

Lips still release words,

But these are for the soul

Rather than the gut and

The eyes, they are

No less bright and now smolder.

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  1. chris robinson 7.8.2006

    Avoiding the period with a semi-colon: Now that’s just aestheticallly perfect way to bridge an impasse. Thank God for mercy and forgiveness. We’d be an even more miserable species without them. Thanks so much!

  2. Jettomatika 7.9.2006

    Periods are hard and slippery.

    You could hurt yourself if you fell and hit your head on one.

  3. John 7.9.2006

    I don’t know about the semi-colon. It’s more like a rake hidden in tall grass awaiting your foot. A full-blooded colon is like a subway turnstile that looks like you couild hurdle it if you make a proper dash, which always makes the commas jealous.

  4. c 7.9.2006

    i would risk falling and hitting my head to enjoy this again… this is the stuff that fulfills you in places reading can’t reach. The only way I might like this better is if I were to hear you read it with the subtle inflections it hides in black and white.

    My weekend was good and bad. Both passed just as quickly. I’m back home and all that jazz. -c

  5. chris robinson 7.10.2006

    I stepped into a blue period once. It left a mark. Be careful of those.

  6. blamb 7.12.2006

    Blue period? EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


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