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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 10, 2006 || 9:32 pm

Um, stupey, don’t you know that’s counterproductive?

Typically I don’t pay any mind to such things, because the fourpack is generally pretty busy yammering at me and trying to outdo one another in the “Let’s make mom guffaw and/or yell at us in public” departments, but the contents of the buggy in front of me at Wal-Mart tonight just baffled me.

He put it all on the conveyor belt with nary a blink nor an ironic smirk:

  • three packs of Spam Bites&reg
  • a box of Stackers&reg
  • white grapes
  • about four South Beach Diet&reg bars
  • an eight-pack of Sprite&reg
  • two twelve-packs of water
  • two cans vienna sausages
  • a box of low carb frozen fruit bars
  • two Snickers&reg bars

    I know they shouldn’t, but people amaze me so damn much. I should be a fucking behavioral scientist.

    Behavioral scientists, as I understand it, don’t get infuriated or appalled by their subjects. Condsidering that, I’d be pretty crappy at it, overall.

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    1. CNL 7.10.2006

      sometimes you just buy what tastes good. though that southbeach stuff tastes like cardboard the dog pissed on and then licked and sat on.

      howzit, miz jett?

    2. Johnny T 7.11.2006

      Give the guy a break — he was buying for more than one person: junk for his roommate, diet food for himself.

    3. Suzanne 7.14.2006

      That IS an interesting/funny human observation. Can’t help but think that, other than the grapes and frozen thing, it looks like this fella was purchasing some hunker-down-and-brave-the-elements groceries!

    4. Hullo!

    5. Jettomatika 7.21.2006


    6. Nina 8.2.2006

      Huh. Spam Bites. Di’int even know there wuz such a thang.


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