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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 26, 2006 || 2:00 pm

lazy, laaaaazy girl

Today, for many reasons I won’t go into here, are for moving slow and ‘getting back to the roots’. I’m doing two things: Digging through history and making art. The two, it seems, are not mutually exclusive. There are links to inspire you, and to make you jealous that you weren’t lucky enough to be born in the richness of the South:

As always, I remain a huge fan Butch Anthony and his Museum of Wonder.

The great and glorious Shack Up Inn. I’d like to host a blogmeet here some future weekend. The Delta is fuuuuun.

These Fleeting Moments

(righting a wrong)

I swear, the best damn fast-food burger you’ll ever eat is made by Back Yard Burgers. One of the very first franchises (like, number four or five or something) opened in my hometown in ‘88.

Here’s your basic Delta horticulturist and all-around basic Memphis quirkyperson/living legend.

Coming up, I thought William Faulkner was a god. The first time I visited Rowan Oak I was around seven. I never wanted to leave. I also wanted to have twins when I grew up; there would be one girl and one boy and their names would be Rowan and Oak.

One thing that bothers me is how the paddleboats that take my breath have changed. I hate that a yankee company bought the Delta Queen and a couple of her sisters and made it an uppity, cheesy affair to take a little steamboat ride.

I believe I may go here for my birthday next year. Join me, anyone?

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  1. robbo.bobbo@gmail.com 9.16.2006

    Um..did you suddenly decide to commit suicide by Blues in a predominately anti-white society? I mean it’s a great way to go, everyone there will already be sad. Grieving will already be in full effect.

    Oh, what the hell…. I’ll go… I can’t sit around and wait for this balloon in my head to pop, let’s do it…..


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