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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 11, 2006 || 10:41 pm


MATHIAS: Okay mom*, I have a girlfriend.

JETT: Really.

MATHIAS: Yes, her name is (something garbled resembling Annalise).

JETT: Well then.

MATHIAS: She has blonde curls and lives in F-R-A-N-C-E.

JETT: I’m sure she’s quite lovely.

MATHIAS: I believe I’ll tell her that we are coming to France soon to see her.

JETT: Mathias, I don’t altogether believe that we can hop on over to France just to see a girl.

SAM: Can you name a better reason to visit France?

Have I mentioned recently that I have sons? Up until now, the seven-year-old was girlcrazy and the fourteen-year-old still believed that the XX people had TEH COOTESE. If he’s changed his mind, I am indeed screwed, because he’s a pretty striking young fella.

(how about I’d load up some pictures, but you remember: THE EFF TEE PEE THING)

Stay tuned for the next post, which is tentatively titled, “We always get the disgruntled grocery store cashiers.” There are onomatopoeic sound effects like ‘fwonk’ in that one. Plus spaghetti. And Maxim looking puzzled and just a little desperate.

* I am gravely disheartened and upset that I’m no longer ‘mommy’; ‘mom’ just sounds so damned cold coming from the baby of the family.

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