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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 20, 2006 || 9:28 pm

(something you may not have known about me)

I attract –and conversely, am attracted to– wackadoos.

Also, I got a brand spanking new cellicar (what the homies call it around some of these parts) phone on Friday afternoon!

Also-also, it was promptly stolen on Saturday afternoon, just right after I’d treated myself to an assload of goofy ringtones and gotten all of the handset settings just so. It was, however, just before I’d transfered all my information to the phone and put the spiffy-clean new SIM card in. Which, as you all know, would have been preceeded by my pulling out the OLD card and putting it (and all my fucking IN. FOR. MATION.) away, warm and comfy, in the fire safe.

Damnit, I don’t even have my own mother’s phone number. None of you people tell her that, or I will be in really big trouble!

This is all a rambly, embarrassing way of primly asking you folks whose contact info I used to have to text or e-mail your work, home and cell numbers if you don’t mind too terribly much breaking from your busy day to do so. I’m very, very penitent, I swear. Sweet Mother of Jiminy Cricket, puhleeeeeze don’t make me rebuild my two-hundred and forty-seven number phone list from scratch and/or old phone records. I am already cracked enough. This could send me completely over the edge.

Look at it this way: How in God’s name am I to phone you, all drunk and sweet-talking (and funny! How can we forget fuuhhhhhhny??) from the sands of Coral Gables two weeks from now if you don’t supply the digits? Touch-tone tango, people, that’s what I’m sayin’.

pee ess…Happy-happy, you fuckin’ cereal bowl wearin’ yonk. Your (ex?) wife is still snooping around in your e-mail. Repeat after me: “I am GROWN. I can CHANGE the password.” Now go do it, champy.

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  1. skillzy 8.21.2006

    I sent you a GEE Mail with my super-secret cell phone number. Please don’t sell it to Gawker or Tiger Beat. Thankya.

  2. del 8.23.2006

    wackadoo wackadoo…wack…a..doooo!!!!

  3. kate 8.24.2006

    I attract the freaks as well. So what does this mean about us? Am I your wacko? Are you my freak?


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