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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 21, 2006 || 12:32 pm

nuggets of tasty

This week’s diversions have included defunktion and wonderfulgraffiti.

Also, I am delighted by the Yellow Bird Project, and most especially by Joseph Arthur’s contribution. We here at Superior Industries heart Mister Arthur in a major, major, hot-in-the-pants way. Overall, though, I’d have to say that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s design is the killerest of them all.

Damn, I want to quit my job and write pretty things on the interwebnets all day. And catch the laundry up. And finish painting all the goldang trim and hang all the art and make new, pretty things out of old, discarded things that so that people will fall in love with them and buy them and be happy. That way I can afford my internet connection. And paint. And glue. And a Pepsi here and there.

Maybe God will make a way in my life for that to happen. Until then, I’ll keep trying to figure it out myself.

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