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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 14, 2006 || 12:17 pm

Sounds from a road trip: Volume Two

Dumbass, you make it sound like THE VODKA HAS THE VITAMIN DEE AND CALCIUM.”

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  1. c 9.14.2006

    my liver hates me for not attending… now i have to get it some vitamin d/calcium vodka to make it right

  2. Jettomatika 9.15.2006

    I really think it was actually pineapple juice. We, however, were too ‘polluted’ to remember the appropriate names to various fruits.

    We had a lengthy conversation down on the strip with a fellow named Jessie. It had to do with mangoes and avacadoes. Difficult to keep up.

    We’ve decided to make this a yearly adventure. You can accept NEXT year’s invite, since you couldn’t wag yourself on down THIS year.

    Only, next year we are flying. FUCK the traffic in SoFlo. Took three hours to make an hour drive. I forgot about that part.


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