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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 2, 2006 || 6:39 am

Sam performs his medley of Peanuts®-inspired dances (sorry about that separate window, I’m on a dash to the gym and haven’t time to try and remember how to embed the player), peaking with the difficult and ever-popular ‘Snoopy’.

That’s his mother (ME!) accompanying him. The symphony of laughter is joined by younger brother Mathias, seven, whose laugh is startlingly similar to his mother’s. You know, barky and quite loud.

If you don’t have one, really, you should get yourself your own fourteen-year-old boy*. I swear, ever since they were eleven or so, it’s like he and his friends are my own personal comedy troupe.

For instance, they were out in Wal-Mart t’other day. Unbeknownst to them, so was I. Scout and I wandered up on them in the Halloween goods, trying on masks and voices. When we found them, one was poking another with a plastic pitchfork while that one was wearing the most grotesque rubber-and-hair contraption on his head and rubbing his nipples. The third was down on the floor, rolling and near-strangling with the hilarity of it all.

Scout and I stood at the end of the aisle and watched their shenanigans, crying with laughter and biting it back with forearms shoved in mouths, for about four minutes. Several patrons and one associate were Really Good Sports and joined in on the fun when provoked. After that four minutes, I had to go put on my Stern And Slightly Embarrassed Mother Facetm and say things like, “I cannot beeeelieeeeeve you people are acting this way in public! Settle down, before I take you all outside and tan your backsides like you are four!”

“That was pretty good, mom,” whispered Scout upon our taking leave of the Smashing Young Men, “I would’ve bought it.”

*unless, of course you are a Florida Senator or one of his ilk. To you I say, “Cut that shit out, sickfuck.”


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  1. Look achoo ‘n all yer politicky footnoting! My eedle gurls groin up!


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