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“I was standing and waiting for prose, but portry came along and had cheap gin and stank weed, so I rode with Him.”


In the era of BYCA

I dreamt a long dream,

Sleep stuttering along and lulling me

Like the rocking of a train;

Watching the high hills and dark places

With equal absorption, ticking them off

For catalogueing somewhere inside:

Back there in my brain

(And once in awhile,

Beneath my breastbone).

In the time after, I noticed the

Salamanders sunning on rocks

The gentle, insistent breeze on limbs

The notion of the suns’ rays

Struggling valiantly, bright-firing

The cloud profiles and rendering them

Pure, unmarred silver

“Oh, there it is,” I breathed into myself.

And my God, it was all along,

Had I but surrendered my gaze.

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  1. chris robinson 10.19.2006

    I put this one in a collection of Buddhist poems. What we miss because of the fast pace of life is revealed in those moments when we stop to notice. I love the image of salamanders on the rocks.


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