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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 17, 2006 || 9:47 pm


1) After eighteen months of Completely Fucked Up Bullshit And Fully Unnecessary Dramatm, getting to tell your former spouse’s soon-to-be former spouse (quick to marry, quick to bury, HA!) that she is a stutterbrained fuck whose crazy filter is hopelessly on the fritz.

2) Getting to stay calm and levelling a finger at her as you do so.

3) Witnessing her infuriated impotence in the face of your glee.

4) Speaking to your ex-husband –whose very poor taste in second wives effectively took a sledgehammer to the relationship with his children that you have so carefully sowed into by Keeping Your Damn Mouth Shut Sometimestm and including him in every aspect of their lives possible– for one-point-five hours (at his behest) and not even toeing up to the “I TOLD YOU SO, DUMBASS” that he so richly deserves/is fully expecting. Your nemesis waiting for the shoe to drop conversation-wise is sweet, sweet nectar.

5) The knowledge that now the three-ring, circusy shambles that is your ex’s personal life is headed for divorce court, you can blog freely –with great enraged aplomb and mighty, mighty swearvocabulary– about what a complete and utter douchefacey cuntblob that piece of work he tied the knot with in July of 2005 actually is.

6) All of Cyberia realizing that in the relaying such superb a situation, your grammar, sentence structure and hearty abuse of various punctuation-type characters can be excused…and perhaps even cheered.

7) Nothing more, but there should always be a seven, don’t you think?

Tits-up, y’all. Sometimes you gotta count to ten like eighteen billion times, but the universe always rights itself. Always.

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