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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 11, 2006 || 6:43 am


I need to have another One of you needs to have a new baby just so I can buy this. Please? Pleaaaaaase?

I want to put that onesie on the back of some baby somewhere; I’ve already met my quota of children, so be a sport and procreate for The Cause.*

Second favorites: Braces and basses.

*‘Cause I like to shop for baby clothes, baDUMpum.

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  1. skillzy 10.11.2006

    My next kid (ha!) will be sporting this shirt.

  2. skillzy 10.11.2006

    Or this, to match the tee I already have on order!

  3. del 10.17.2006

    we have been meaning to get this for our boy…


  4. c 10.17.2006



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