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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 19, 2006 || 12:31 pm

Rain! Autumn! HOORAY!

Dear Jett~

In honor of this fabulously rainy-messy and suffocatingly stuffy day, we have decided to take a vacation from being well-coiffed and subtly mussed.

Instead, there will be much kicking out hither and yon. There may be some slightly exuberant, frizzy wild abandon as well. Just so you know and all.

Peace, momma–

The Hairs On Yer Head

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  1. Suzanne 10.24.2006

    Ah… a familiar situation for me that week as well. Going from a ‘real’ autumn weekend in Atlanta, complete with wearing a sweater and boots – to a few days in Houston where it was rainy, muggy and 90 degrees! The hair did NOT cooperate for the new company dinner where I had hoped to look ‘fancy’. I guess I’m prob better off that they got to know the real me – not the fancy-trying-to-impress-folks me.


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