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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 23, 2006 || 9:39 pm

synergy and cynicism

So I have these two friends that I absolutely adore. They live in Jersey and have been known to make a whirlwind trip to see a Memphis Girl Stuck In Bama on more than one occasion. I love the both of them very much. I have an individual history with each: There are inside jokes, goofy memories, letters and photos.

Imagine my surprise when JB calls me up out of the blue last week to say, “You know how we’ve talked the last couple of years about finding Bob? Welp, I have someone here who wants to speak to you.” Come to find out, they are now a couple. She found him (he’d dropped off of both of our radars for a while), they reunited and now there is talk of marriage and babies in the air.

“I can’t believe we’ve wasted ten years not being together. What dumbasses.”

And there is all this euphoria, the sense of a comfortable, exciting newness.

“I love this girl. Love her. You’ve always known that.”

“Yep,” and all I could do was girl-squeal a little and grin wide and silly.

What was obvious to the rest of us, she’d never realized, despite her own powerful feelings on the matter. I was upbraided a bit for not informing her.

“Shit, JB, if you’re standing in front of a champagne fountain and don’t stick your head under, it’s rude of me to shove it there.”

And I am happy; I am a sentimental, fairy-tale-loving sap who loves to be able to witness when things come full circle. Sometimes it means that I get to dance at a wedding. Despite all my lovedork tendencies, though, I could not help but be overtaken by big whoops of laughter when I read a comment that Bob’s sister left on his website:

Who the hell are you “in a relationship” with now. She better be “normal” and “nice” and “cute” and not “bald” or “crazy” or “16″.

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  1. c 10.24.2006

    “and all I could do was girl-squeal a little and grin wide and silly”

    Were there pig-tails flopping about? You know daddy likes that…

    I miss my true love… but it’s nice to know others have found some happiness. Congrats to dem folks!

  2. Suzanne 10.24.2006

    The old-and-not-often-seen-friends are the best…


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