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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 22, 2006 || 12:53 am

Where I am

To be such a big ole vibrant world, it sure is lonely and small sometimes.

This one time, I was working the case of a soul-carved, hollow-faced junkie. She had been clean for six weeks when I first met her, but looked for all intents and purposes like she’d climbed up on the wagon not ten hours earlier. The pull, God bless, was that strong for her.

As we drove through her forlorn, small mountain community, it was like stepping back in time. The only grocery was a general store; the local drug store advertised ice cream floats and popcorn at a soda counter. Everything felt sepia-washed and incredibly slow.

We conversed, getting a feel for one another and after one very pointed question, she let out about the longest sigh I’ve ever heard a body expell.

“Sometimes I just wish that I could go on vacation and leave my head at home.

“You know?”

Yeah, I know….because that’s where I am tonight.

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  1. skillzy 10.23.2006

    I stayed home and sent my head on vacation. It didn’t work out that great, as you may have noticed.

    Thanks for sharing your morning with a grumpy, hungover, lost puppy.

  2. c 10.24.2006

    if I could spell it, my middle name would be meloncholy


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