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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 13, 2006 || 7:37 pm

yeehaw, now.

Welp, off with Tess and Jilli. Brandy, the hottest lesbian in DeKalb (please pronounce DEE-cab) county, has decided to throw in with us. We aim to throw our goats up and see the fellas.

One or more of us will likely get loud, one of us will likely drink Jager with the band both pre- and post-show, one of us will score the new ceedee from The Handler, one of us will likely get lippy with someone showing their ass (there’s always that nerve-stepper at shows, you know?) which will likely find all three of us back to back, broken bottles in hand and snarling at any interlopers.

Rockingham’s, Guntersville Hellabama, be there or be square! SEE ya!

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  1. skillzy 10.16.2006

    Had I knownst that they was gonna be there I would have tried to make it. I was in Cullman this past weekend.


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