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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 30, 2006 || 2:02 pm

At the mall, even!

I was doing some Christmas shopping in a jewelry store recently and came across some really intriguing necklaces: Suspended from silver chains were stainless steel crosses done in an art deco style. They caught my eye, and then my brain burped up a memory just out of nowhere.

When I was a wee slip of a girl, I had a fine chain that held a tiny pewter prayer medal and simple cross to match.

My Nunna, who always smelled of spice cookies and sang to me in thick, gorgeous Italian, would kiss my forehead, my lips and the back of the cross every time we took leave of one another. “Keep these kisses for me until I see you again, putti,” she’d say.

One time I asked her why she kissed the cross, “….and why always the back, too?”

“Because, darling, I kiss parts of you, and one day I expect the cross to be a part of your insides just like lips and head are part of the outside.

“I am not worthy to even kiss the place where Il Cristo suffered so greatly and gave His all for us. So, I place my kisses on the back of the cross. Too, they are closer to your heart that way.”

I was young, but I understood. Now I am three decades older and I understand another thing, as well: I am very, very blessed to have had such women of faith as my Nunna, my Memaw and my mother sow simple but profound things into my life.

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