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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 28, 2006 || 10:46 am

drat and double dang.

Mathias is the best kind of sick today: It’s the type where he’s running just enough fever to be out of school, but feels spiffy enough to lounge about on beanbags and ding for a hot chocolate refill every now and again.

Alas and alack, this means I canna go in to work until this afternoon when the Big Kidstm pile off the bus to care for him. I’ll be on and off the ‘puter while I do terrific things that can only be done sans teenagers (who wants excerpts of Piper’s super-angsty journals, hmmm? snippets of Sam’s MSN chats, anyone?)…I’ll be signed in to Gmail chat (notice that I am spinning the Supercharged Cheesy And Fabu Eighties Mix [yo.]); feel free to drop in and holler until about three pee emm central standard. I’ll get back to you between shitty daytime programming and the requisite attention to laundry duties.

Readyyyyy, break!

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