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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 16, 2006 || 2:10 pm


Tess, coming out of the Valley Of The Shadow Of The Eight-Day Migraine, was extremely exuberant yesterday. This was in the face of my croupy suffering, so I intended to come here and address her directly, as she lurks on occasion. To her, I was going to say something along the lines of,

Tessa My Love,


Love and no boobie touches for you,


However, she redeemed herself late yesterday afternoon by saying, “OMFG, BBQ, SHUUUT UUUUP, do I have a surprise for you!” At this juncture she proceeded to play the custom ringtone she’s assigned to me on her phone: It was the theme song to ‘Sanford and Son‘. It is the tune that she sings to me in the gym locker room every morning after we work out, as we are getting into the shower (noooo, not together, sillies). She does this to torture me, because she knows my spastic mind will glom onto it and play the clip, ad nauseum, in a back-of-my-brain loop all fucking day.

You can clearly see why I would love such a person. It is nice, after waiting and praying so patiently for a (n estrogen-loaded) person of quality to enter my life, to have A Best Girl to call my very own and interact with on a daily basis.

Tessa Rae, I love you, you marvelous bitch.

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