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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 9, 2006 || 1:33 pm

(I think it just miiiight be working.)

This week I am taking great pains to do all things as neatly and precisely as possible.

Sometimes I do this when I feel I’m losing control. For some reason, it helps to settle my insides. Tapping out the CrazySap, as it were.

My melly used to joke with me, calling me ‘the Walking Head Wound’; I’ve always found this quite delightful and funny. I’m going to put it on a tee-shirt. Because, you know, I arrive in fits and starts. Which, in its own way, is charming and ludicrous and frustrating and all of those other contrapuntal descriptors that are used to not-quite-size-me-up. And, frankly, would also make for one fuck of an awesome warning label-slash-shirt.

pee ess….hellooooo, Kearney, New Jersey. Not quite sure why, but I feel like you may be feeling a little forgotten by the world at large today. So, “Charge on Calpurnia, your actions and words are not in vain; go forth boldly with the spirit of Boudica in your breast and know in The Very Core Of You that you are valuable, wanted, loved. Your own torc is your grace and longsuffering on behalf of others.” Also, see Amazing Story as accompanying illustration. I love that her first words were not, “Ohmyfuck, I can talk,” but were “Thank you so much.” There’s hallelujah all over that, you know?

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  1. c 11.9.2006

    if you see melly, give her a hug from me

    today sucked hugeness… i’ll tell you about it later

  2. Jettomatika 11.9.2006

    I’m very sorry. If it makes you feel better, mine started out really, really shitty and then I got all inspired and forty-eight things pinged around inside my head. Misery does indeed bring about creativity, at least in my case.

    Talking to you today, though it was brief and fairly businesslike, buoyed me up immensely. I’m looking forward to our collab, and excited about Good Things coming from it. We both need a massive purge, as we have both been sort of bingey as of late.

    Know what I mean, huh? Luh Yoo.


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