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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 7, 2006 || 11:37 pm


Coming out of the gym, head down, look of concentration masquerading as a slight scowl, hair wet and kicking out unruly all over my head, rain thrumming the roof and assaulting the pebbled pavement in great, splashing drops, I passed A Guy.

“Oooh, you look mean,” he said, all misterflirty-like.

Stabbing him with scalding blue eyes, I peered from beneath renegade bangs and sneered, “That’s because I AM.”

So yeah, a notice:

Dear Random Gym Guy,

This week is not the week to play the Cutesy Pick Up Line game with me. I won’t fucking have it, and I will chop your ego into little juicy bits and devour it with great aplomb while employing a definite lack of social mores.

Yours In Health,

Jett “I Have Pearly Whites But YOU Won’t See Them” Superior

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  1. skillzy 11.8.2006

    Oooo, you sound mean

  2. Jettomatika 11.8.2006

    You’ve seen me. Tell the people about my fangs.

  3. skillzy 11.8.2006

    I’ve never heard them called that before. I call em hoo-hahs.

  4. peter 11.8.2006

    Reply to people who tell me obvious things on the street (my most regular one is “you should be a singer,” with “wow, you have great hair” in a not-so-distant second, but i only ever get the latter from black women – strange?) is one of my favorite passtimes, because they always think they’re having some kind of blessed ephiphany of an insight into your character and are shocked, SHOCKED, if you were already aware of what they are telling you.


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