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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 20, 2006 || 11:47 pm

Random Saturday Tragedy

Jett: how about, yesterday, I went to buy these gorgeous (CLEARANCE!) crystal stems

(this story is saaaad, by the way, so Brace Yourself)

yesterday=Sat morn, post music lessons, pre gym

so I was pigtailed and yoga pantsed and Just Generally Mussed

about my favorite way to be sometimes, because in an odd way it makes me feel pretty)

so, I saw these wine glasses last week, so pretty

and they were impossibly cheap (eighty bux marked down to ten, whee!)

so I obsessed and obsessed

(that is my guage on whether I really want something or not. keeps me from being a typical compulsive shopping type female)

(I want few things, but what I want I WANT)


Richard: of course

Jett: and one week later, went back to get them

and had a mild fit of panic when I realized they weren’t there

but then was like, “Oh, I’m on the wrong aisle altogether”

and *angelic chorus*

Richard: the foreshadowing is killing me!

Jett: there they were, in their appropriate place!

Piper says, “Oh, mom, prettttty .”

and we don’t share much taste-wise, so that was a little triumph in itself

she loaded them in a hand-basked and carried them to the front

and I browsed a bit, only to find A MATCHING SET OF CORDIALS!

*more angels*

now I am planning a small dinner party in my head, all inspired by these new glasses

Richard: when does this story get sad?



(see, just because you said that, I am blogging this conversation)

Richard: woo

Jett: I bought tapers, putty-colored, for a wall sconce, because they were chunky and awkward and pretty in that way

and a marble candle plate that may be used for soaps instead

I went a little too nuts on the ‘TREAT MYSELF, OOOOH” vibe

c’est la vie

so, I’m paying, right? and the woman is tediously slow at removing and wrapping the stems from the counter

‘removing from then wrapping’

Richard: go on…


Jett: I shift, finish writing my check, gently place my checkbook in my not-often-carried-but-yes-today-I-did purse

which gently shifts as well

the corner tapping the bowl of one of the cordials, lined up three by two neatly

Richard: it didnt

you never

Jett: which in turn taps the neighboring cordial

which does the prettiest keel and end-over-end swan dive I’ve ever watched in mild horror

Richard: this story is SO SAD!

Jett: the stem, discorncertingly reminiscent of LAST Saturday, remained intact


the clerk looked sad

like, inordinately

and offered to remove it from the total, graciously

Richard: that is indeed gracious

and beyond duty’s call

Jett: (I declined, but blessed her to heaven quietly. God says “I got this.”


So, I dropped Piper off and was on my way to the gym when she calls

“Momma, they just called from the shoppe and said the counter girl forgot to include one of the wine glasses.”

so, haha, irony

I’ve five cordials and five bowls

at least, temporarily

Richard: ha

Jett: the end!


Richard: terrific

mummy and bobby

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