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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 10, 2006 || 12:32 am

something old, something new, I borrowed your feelings and rendered them anew

I make art much like I do many other things in my life: Several things being worked up/on concurrently. However, with things like paint and glue and scavenging for materials, this is more a necessity than anything else. Many times it is a stepping-stone to stepping-stone process and I’m just fortunate that this dovetails nicely onto my natural ‘fifty-eight balls in the air, oh yeah!’ style.

A few weeks back, several situations and stimuli collided into one another and then began to sort of shift and mesh and coalesce into one concept inside my head. About a week and a half ago, I entered my studio with a particular thing in my mind, which is unusual. Most times I just go in there, turn on some musicks, sit in the egg-shaped chair and start digging through all the vintage bits and baubles until something strikes me, then I build around it until it just feels right, until the itch inside me is eased for a time.

The piece that came out, well….I found it to be the most overwhelmingly satisfying thing I’ve created in the longest time, so I’m being bold and doing a first: Posting some of my artwork here for you to eyeball. I’ve not done this before, I guess, because I am largely selfish; maybe I wanted to hold something in reserve, I dunno.

The photographs were made with Scout’s shitty Kodak digital (maybe I’ll get a beautiful, sexy new digital of my very own to play with for Christmas??), so they don’t really capture the piece well, but fuck it. I’m sharing anyhoo.

:: front view ::

:: side view ::

This work is titled “Blessed and Bent: A Lovesong Interpreted”. The title itself is representative, as it is a multilayered thing: I incorporated the poem ‘Lovesong‘ by Ted Hughes, as it is one of the most gorgeous and striking pieces of portry I’ve ever had the pleasure of being breathsucked by; I made reference to a song by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Patty Griffin; There is a nod to the reverence I have for God and His crazily overwhelming love for me; I also steeped things heavily in the massively inexplicable and soaring, leadweighted love I share with a very dear friend.

I was verra, verra purposeful and intense and savage and driven when I was working on it.

Some basic info, if you give a shit at all about that sort of thing: It’s a one-of-a kind original and measures out at roughly nine by twelve if you don’t count the renegade tree branches. Elements used include beeswax, a vintage brass claim check, twill ribbon, 20 gauge steel wire, a vintage bronze watch fob, balsa wood, a vintage bronze catholic medal, acrylic paints, a sterling german cherub stamping, a brass washer, a vintage aluminum signboard numeral, a clay tile, archival rag mat board, antique brass stampings, art papers, a skeleton leaf, copper eyelets, tumbled pebbles, a shadowbox frame, walnut ink, translucent vellum, and the poem (which, of course, Ted Hughes holds the copyright to, circa nineteen-hunnert and sixty-seven in the year of our lord, ahhhh-MEN).

This thing, honestly, is probably the most cathartic piece I’ve ever, ever done. I was putting the dust cover and hanger on the back tonight to finish it up, and I felt so relieved and at rest. There is no quantifying that, you people. There’s just not.

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  1. c 11.10.2006

    love it oh so much

  2. chris robinson 11.11.2006

    Sometimes I think we live in the kind of world where sacredness does not stand a chance. With all the hypcrisy and violence it is so easy to lose sight of what is immutable, simple, and holy. In your words and images, you somehow manage this. I’m sure glad I looked in on you today.


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