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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 14, 2006 || 10:46 pm

This is what they call ‘interacting with your readership’. Erm.

I’m thinking about killing my eMusic membership. Matter of fact, I really do believe I’m gonna quit the thing. I have forty downloads left and about a week to soak them up.

Here’s where you come in: Go meander around that site, see if they have something you’re familiar with and/or passionate about. If so, drop me your recommendations in the commentses. I’ll use up my last forty by adding the music that you yayhoos are fond of to my collection. Deal? Deal.

Don’t fuck around. I take my music very seriously. Except for when I don’t.

You know.

(This whole thing was prompted by someone sending me some Regina Spektor today. Why oh holy why haven’t I ever heard of this broad before? Why are you people letting such goodness fly under my radar? WHERE ARE YOUR HEADS AT??)

Still very sick. Getting pretty doggone pissed about it. Fillyum at eleven.

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  1. chip 11.14.2006

    Lots of goodness on eMusic. Scott H. Biram seems like something you might dig. Maybe. That’s my first (of many) recommendations. Sample some tracks first.

  2. chip 11.14.2006

    Got another suggestion … Howe Gelb’s latest release, ‘Sno Angel Like You.


  3. peter 11.15.2006

    In the Regina-arena, she has this one jazzy disc called 11:11 that’s spectacular. It’s hard to find physically, but they have it on iTunes.

  4. Richard D. Bartlett 11.15.2006

    I got all excited about finding 40 new treasures for you; but you can’t even see what eMusic has on offer without giving them your credit card. (Flag.) I guess I will just rest on my Spektory laurels.

  5. Jettomatika 11.15.2006

    nono, you can do a search without a membership. I know this to be true, because I looked around the joint afore I signed up lo these many weeks ago.

    for real and for true.

  6. Suzanne 11.16.2006

    Just discovered Regina Spektor today… thank you, Jett! And DANGIT – she’s playing here at the Roxy (in Atlanta) Friday night and it’s sold out!!!!

  7. Suzanne 11.16.2006

    Granted I skipped over the whole eMusic suggestion – but I do have a couple ‘off the beaten path’ folks I like. Old-no-longer-band-that-I-miss: The Pursuit of Happiness. And a running fave sultry female singer: Cassandra Wilson. (Her older album New Moon Daughter and the single Love is Blindness is my fave of her work.)

  8. Jettomatika 11.16.2006

    Yeah, I saw that…I was gonna get a couple tix, but ran up on the whole ’sold out’ wall, as well. Guess I’ll be drankin’ with the locals this weekend.

    Maybe another time!


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