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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 9, 2006 || 11:02 am

A little something for one or two of you before I head out for the day….

So I went to bed about four this morning. I awoke around seven to find the television still on (dang sleep timer, arrrrgh!) and ‘Rocky‘ playing. Drifting in and out for a little bit, I kind of snapped awake at a point in the movie where he was tapping away at the speedbag. I watched intently for a minute or so and then turned my head back into the pillow.

Fast-forward three hours, and I was again suddenly, inexplicably awake. There was ‘Rocky II‘ on the tube, and again Rocky was banging away at the bag. Steady, metronomic, graceful, focused. I’m not a big fan of Sylvester Stallone –he doesn’t exactly ding my bell on any count, if you get me– but both times I was mesmerized.

There is something here, my brain kept telling me, pay attention; there is something you are supposed to catch. Then I had the expected sweet epiphany:

It’s not the fact that he’s hitting the bag. Not the fact that he’s doing it effectively and well, either. Or even that he’s training, specifically. It’s the look on his face as he’s doing so. That look makes all the difference. It reflects his mindset fully –he’s so ensconsced in hitting that bag that he’s no time to worry about what his face reveals– and determines the way the world (in this case, a moviegoing one) susses him up and responds to him.

I want to be mesmerizing; don’t you, as well?

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  1. redclay 12.9.2006

    mesmerizing is not a learn to or want to.

    it’s a born to.

    i don’t have as much interest as i used to.

    but on occasion it is like a pocketfula diamonds.

    just another guy in the crowd.

    but all they gonna pull out is keys or brown money..

    and me. i got these shards chipped off the suns mirra.

    all i got to do is open my hand.

  2. redclay 12.15.2006

    i read this, and there’s a comment.

    i open it up and dmanif it ain’t me.

    that’s disappointing.

    hell, i know what i’m gonna say.


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