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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 11, 2006 || 10:33 pm

I guess we didn’t make it. (The Memory Of Then)


With a less-than-conscious reckoning

I wrote our future in my sighs

I saw fit to levy a warning:

“The hum in my eyeteeth never lies.”

You laughed at my assurances of

Knowing these stories before even told

“You shall realign your responses to them,”

The drunk me savaged, dipped in liquid bold


I left the lights all blazing

In case you decided to come back;

I left the knives all sharpened

In the event you decided to attack;

Then the dooryard went undarkened

And the lock went unpicked–

I didn’t sleep for weeks-come-months

The memory of then grew heavy and thick


I sweated with it, against it, pulled and

Stabbed with every bit of me I dared

Until I fell unrepentant into forgetting

“It was right here just a minute ago, I swear.”

Stacked up haphazardly in back rooms

Curtains drawn shut: they’ve a mothy sheen

I dumbly wander through there on occasion

Only to bruise myself on you once again

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  1. chris robinson 12.13.2006

    The idea of a hum in your eyeteeth is inspired. Here I am grading a pile of papers so bad it attracts flies, and you rescued me for a minute. Bless you.

  2. Shamrock 12.13.2006

    This just about (no, not JUST) sucked the breath out of me last night and I couldn’t find the words to respond. Now that I have also seen CNL’s minty hex shirt “live,” I am revived. Thanks. I shall go order my SQL statement T now . . .

  3. Jettomatika 12.14.2006

    Shammy: she hasn’t taken me up on the boobie shot. You want it? Seems a pitiful shame to let a perfectly good tit-shot go to waste.

    (double points for double triple entendre)

    ….also, let me know when you get yours….and post photers!

  4. Jettomatika 12.14.2006

    chris: my eyeteeth DO hum, so it’s not just an idea.

    They pick up a bossanova station every now and again. Shit gets crazy up in my head when that happens.


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