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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 8, 2006 || 12:04 am

Shut UP! FAAAABulous!

Right now, at this very instant, I am talking to Clayton via the big fat Google Talk app. It is, even for a slightly phobic technotard, pretty fucking tiiiight.


CLAYTON: Hell, you sound like you ARE RIGHT HERE IN THE SAME ROOM.

The first thing Clayton thought of, as he is So Very Smart, was that we needed to test this service from various locations to see if the eerie and surreal clarity was supported over distances more vast than the Hellabama-Tejas one.

“Hokay, I’ma pack for Greece right now; see ya!” I said.

“And I’m heading for New Zealand!” he said back to me.

At present, we are talking about peeing the bed. Not as adults, you sillies, as kids. There are terms ’soggy taco’ and ‘pissbag’ being bandied about as descriptors for wet bed linens. Now THIS is what the twenty-first century is all about! Had you told me when I was nine that in a little over two decades I’d be wearing a headset and talking to nearly complete strangers from all over the place while tethered to a fairly complex box replete with screen and keyboard, I’d have drooled on myself. This would have been from ay) excitement and bee) the total incomprehensiblity of it all.

Hell, if you’d have told me the same damn thing a mere three years ago, it may well have elicited the very same reaction.

Clay just killed the call! There now, he’s dialing back. He sounds confused:

“Er, ahhh, sorry! I got clicky with shit and…”

And now I am dying with laughter. Each and every one of you had better run out and fetch yourself a headset post-haste. I will clicktocall each and every one of you, and you will indeed be sorry that Google has opened up this can of worms.

Okay, he just said, “…your little wiggly goes up and down…” with regard to the vox meter. I have to end this now, ‘cos I can’t possibly type and guffaw this hard at the same time.

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  1. c 12.8.2006

    call anytime… 867-5309

  2. peter 12.8.2006

    Oo, do you know what would be fun? I could call you up with GoogleTalk but use my mixer instead of a headset and give you a concert!!!

  3. Jettomatika 12.9.2006

    Dear Pete:

    You’re on, mister.


    Ole Jett

  4. peter 12.11.2006

    Your Jettness,

    I will notify you as soon as i have learned how to play “Every Little Bit” well enough to satisfy your rabid fandom.

    Love & Rock,



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