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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 23, 2006 || 11:49 pm

Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Not much at all.

The Cookie Ritualtm has been ongoing in the Superior house for nigh on ten days now. Tonight, Piper said to me, “No more sweets for me! It was all fun and games for the first eight days or something, but now I’m feeling pretty barfy.

“Which is not to say, though, that I’ll not be having more right on up to Christmas night.” Right on, Pipey, that’s the spirit!

A few days ago, Piper timidly approached me and asked, “Can Lindsey come over tonight and make Christmas cookies with us?” Lindsey is Boyfriend Recent, and he’s the first one she has ever had that her dad and I actually like. Now, we are not stupid enough to let either him or her know this little tidbit, because that would be just pure foolishness. If they think they are under the watchful eye of semi-hatred, things may just not get out of hand.

So he came over, and I learned a great deal about this boy, just from sitting at a table laden with pans of baked goods and bowls of sprinkles and tubes of icing and playing with him and the three teenagers I lay claim to.

I learned that he has never, ever decorated Christmas cookies in his whole life. He’s never cooked with his mom. He’s never had a live tree, and looked with amazed eyes at the nine-footer in our living room, laden to near-drooping with family-traded ornaments that mark each passing year; he kept running to the tree in the dining room and sniffing in great draughts of it, “LIVE TREES SMELL SOOOOO GOOD.” His family of four eats in shifts, and in front of the television. These few things, and a few more, opened a door into this kid that I hadn’t expected to dip my head into. As a result, I am left with a tender maternal spot for him, and an understanding of this quiet and sweet boy with the shy smile. I like him, and I hope this Christmas is one he holds somewhere in his middle for the coming years; I hope it warms and delights him. Is that hoping for too very much??

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creme de la cookie
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the yearly ritual
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they get tickled, these boys
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scout is sometimes an angel still
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two-gun sam
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so happy.
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cornholio visited!
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The joy of cooking.
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  1. CNL 12.24.2006

    When I can find pen and paper, I intend on writing you a long, gushy letter about all the things in the world that you do right and that I can only mimick in a fanciful way that makes people think I know what I’m doing. Thank God for you, Miz Jett. You will save the lost and the lost souls of the world by paying attention and making cookies… I *heart* you.

  2. skillzy 12.24.2006

    No coconut in mine, please! Mary Krimmuh!

  3. cal 12.24.2006

    but it seems you were only recently writing about piper and her foray into the double digits… have the years been passing so quickly? CNL is right… you are wonderful… have an extremely happy xmas!

  4. Suzanne 1.3.2007

    My mother loves to reminisce of Christmas past. This year was no different. We sat around the dinner table Christmas night and she asked each of us some of our favorite Christmas-past memories. It took a while to digest it all, but later I realized the most important thing: only when forced by mom to come up with something tangible, did any of us ever mention gifts. Our most fond memories were all about being together… and baking Christmas cookies was just one of my fave childhood events. Long live the great Christmas bake off!


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