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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 29, 2006 || 2:10 am


What popped up shuffle-wise during this morning’s gym excursion:

(note: I only started paying attention about three songs in. SORRY!)

Nancy Sinatra, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ (cardio)

“You keep samin’ when you oughtta be changin’…”

Nick Gilder, ‘Hot Child In The City’ (cardio)

“Danger in the shape of somethin’ wild…”

Nirvana, ‘You Know You’re Right’ (cardio)

“Things have never been so swell, I have never failed to feel…”

Paul Oakenfold ft. Ice Cube, ‘Get ‘em Up’ (cardio)

“They’s only two kinda women: Big ole good ones and good ole biguns…”

(best lyric ever, I swear. this song also contains the jewel, “Heard you was a big freak! Bitch look down, I gots some big feet.” Deeee-licious.)

PJ Harvey and Thom Yorke, ‘This Mess We’re In’ (cardio)

“…the city landscape comes into being, the sweat on my skin…”

Poe, ‘Angry Johnny’ (back stack)

I can do it to your mind, I can do it to your face, I can do it with integrity, I can do it with disgrace”

Queens Of The Stone Age, ‘In My Head’ (overhead press)

“I keep on playin’ our favorite song, I turn it up while you’re gone, It’s all I got when you’re in my head and you’re in my head so I need it”

Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘Aeroplane’ (triceps press)

“One note from the song she wrote could fuck me where I lay”

Richard Clayderman, ‘Chariots Of Fire’ (rear delt row)

um, instrumental, but AAHHHHHahaha! I have ‘Chariots Of Fire’ in one of my gym mixes!

Scorpions, ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ (flys)

“He’s licking his lips, he’s ready to win”

Steppenwolf, ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ (ab/oblique crunches)

“On a cloud of sound I drift in the night, any place it goes is right”

T-Rex, ‘Bang A Gong’ (cooling stretch)

“Well, you’re windy and wild, you got the blues in your shoes and your stockings”

::: :: ::: :: ::: :: :::

Since you’re dying also to know what my get-ready regimen included this morning from a product standpoint, I’ve decided to mundanely and tediously list all the junk that went into the prepping of my person to face the day today.

Notice I said ‘today’. Several of these things shift and change according to the the day’s mood. These covered today’s:

Hair, the warshing of: Aveda’s Blue Malva Shampoo

Been using this for about fifteen years now. LOOOOOVE it. I’ll occasionally switch up to Aveda’s Pure Abundance or Hair Dextoxifier. Or Dawn Dish Detergent; you know, whatever strikes the fancy.

Face, the warshing of: Lush’s Coalface Soap

Again, I’ll swap every so often to Aveda’s Purifying Gel Cleanser or that Proactiv shit. It’s got scrubbies and scrubbies excite me.

Hair, the conditioning of: Aveda’s Cherry Almond Bark Conditioner

Sweeties, your hair will never smell, feel, or taste better. Shiiiiny hairs will result if you use this marvelous stuffs. Another fifteen-year product.

Teeth, the brushing of: Colgate’s Total Paste

Do not ever ask me to use a product that is not Colgate on my pearly whites. If Colgate ever folds, so will I.

Body, the warshing of: Les Couvent des Minimes’ Honey & Shea Comforting Shower Gelee

Huuuuuuuh-kneeeeeee. Smells just like it. Boys –just like bearses– like honey, I’ve found.

Laigs, the shaving of: Barbasol’s Pure Silk Coconut & Oat Flour Shave Cream

Cheap, fluffy, effective. YAY!

Body, the moisturizing of: Les Couvent des Minimes’ Honey & Shea Body Balm

Goes on thick and creamy but soon gets melty and slick and shiny. SHINY! SHINY IS GOOD! Plus, huuuuuuuh-kneeeeee. This balm is super-rich and it doesn’t take a whole lot to make your skin feel like, baby’s-butt silky.

Face, the exfoliating of: Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant

Not in love with it, but like it a very lot.

Face, the toning of: Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Skin Toning/Firming Agent

Dear Skin, Perk UP! Love, BKST/FA

Dear BKST/FA, Sure I will! You make me feel great and smell a treat! Love, Skin

Face, the moisturizing of: Aveda’s Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme

When I am fifty, I will look forty. Just like how I get pegged for twenty-five all the time now. THANK YOU AVEDA!

Feet, the moisturizing of: Tree Hut’s Brazilian Nut Shea Butter

You have never, ever in your entire whole life smelled something so wonderful as the shea butter line from Tree Hut. I swipe this across my feet in the morning and they still smell edible fifteen hours later. Also, see babybutt remark above.

Hair, the styling of: Aveda’s Light Elements Detailing Mist-Wax, Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip, Paul Mitchell’s Fast Drying Sculpting Spray

I like stuff in my hair that doesn’t look or feel like there’s stuff in my hair, but will still make it (mostly) behave. The LE line smells niiiice and doesn’t gunk me all up. The Paul Mitchell is a trusted friend from way-long ago. Twenty years or sommat?

tadaaaa! Kindly note that I work at a place with a spa on board, so I get backbar pricing on the Aveda crrrrap. Other stuff is inexpensive or I wait for a ridiculously good sale and back a wheelbarrow in.

I really would like to leave you with the impression that I’m a high-maintenance, dollah-dropping ho, but you all know that I’m merely White Trash With Aspirations; there’s no sense in my pretending otherwise.

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  1. Suzanne 12.29.2006

    Thank God I finally reached the part where you get Aveda for a steal… I was beginning to think you were a farce – long live the White Trash with Aspirations kinda gal (My routine includes a long line of Lancome products… that I get at an outlet up in Dahlonega! Who ever said looking and smelling good had to be outrageously expensive is just plain wrong!)


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