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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 12, 2006 || 9:40 pm

The one that’s all about New Stuffs.

Mathias came up to me last week and said, “I want a new haircut. I want to spike my hair up every day with that glue-stuff.”

So I set an appointment and we whacked all of his shaggy mop off. This morning, we fauxhawked it; after we left the house he was talking to me animatedly right before school. Not being able to resist the maximum cuteness that is my youngest offspring, I whipped out the camera. He immediately went slack:

Mathias ain't truckin' your nonsense.
:: Lock up your daughters. ::

So I said, “Come onnnn, kid, show me a little life,” and his personality smacked the lens so hard I was left with a black eye:

Mathias knows how to rrrrrock.
:: Throw yer goats up, Muffinasses! ::

I checked the mail today, just like every other day. I reserve the right to check the Superior mail because I get all fucking jazzed about some mail, let me tell you. I LOVE! mail, no matter the type. It’s like getting a little present every day, because whatever turns up in there is a surprise for the most part. So, mail: YAAAY!

Anyhow, I checked the mail today, and there was not only a pile in there, there was a fat yellow bubbly envelope with my dang name on it! I opened it! It had a pretty Christmas card! It had a shirt!

See, a couple weeks back my friend launched a new line of geek-wear. You know, for girls (mostly, anyway). I thought the hex shirts were great, and said so (see comments on above-linked entry for proofs). I planned to order the pretty minty one after Christmas, I really did. Now I don’t have to!:

Patti-lovin one
:: Thank yooooouuuu, Crazy Neighbor Lady! ::

For the record, Maxim said as I was uploading those photos, “You look like a blow-up doll, you know?” I did that thin-lip thing I do and semi-yelled, “I HOPE THAT IS A COMPLIMENT.” And CNL? There is a boobie shot solely for you, ramped up and ready to e-mail if you want it. Pound cee-cee-eff-eff-cee-cee, baby.

The new camera is here! The new camera is here! Santer Closs decided that the technotard might need a couple of weeks to figure out a few tiny details (“How do I turn this fucking thing on? It’s got more buttons than a Mormon’s corset!”) before Christmas morning rolled around. Behold the beauty of my sexy black box:

hellooooo, new camera!
:: I swear by all that is holy, I will turn out photographic brilliance eventually ::

A mere seven years after The Mirror Project was launched, I can finally contribute without feeling mighty loads of shame at my paltry-ass one-point-six megapixels. w00t!

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  1. The Dane 12.13.2006

    I could give your son hair-styling tips if you like.

  2. Jettomatika 12.13.2006

    Um, no.

    But thanks for playing.

  3. skillzy 12.14.2006

    You don’t hold your mouth right to look like a blow up doll. I bet if you did, you’d be much more popular on Flickr. Regardless of megapixel counts.


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