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When I was about thirteen –not far from the rough peak of our poverty– I made the offhand remark to my mother that, “Wouldn’t it be a nice tradition to exchange ornaments with one another every year?”

The next year we weren’t faring superbly, but we were doing markedly better. I opened a little box on Christmas Eve to find a cheap porcelain angel atop a star; that tacky and wonderful thing still goes on my tree now, some twenty years later, along with all the other ornaments mother has given me since. There has only been one rule all along: The ornament you present a person must mean something. It must be symbolic of that person’s interests or reflect some facet of your connection to them.

It is a tradition I have upheld with my people each and every year; by the time they leave their childhood home to make lives in the world, my children will have enough ornaments to decorate their own tree. I think fondly of these future days, of knowing that no matter how sparsely the rest of their homes may be furnished, all my babies will have things of memory and of sentiment during the Christmas season. They will be able to look at them, no matter where life may lead them, no matter how far away from the roots of their mother’s love they land, and know that each and every bauble –from ones that represent the lean ramen noodle days to the simple luxury that we are now afforded– signifies a moment in time when I was focused on them and them alone.

Merry Christmas, all you lovely people. Blessings on you in the coming year.

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