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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 7, 2006 || 2:14 pm

You yayhoos Flickr’d out yet?

Extree-speshull Muffinasses With A Cherry On Top, you are going to be sorry that I got a Flickr account one day, I just know it. Prolly by the end of the year, I reckon, because there are all manner of retarded, uninteresting photos I could be taking and posting (WAFFLES! TOILET PAPER STUCK TO SAM’S SHOE! THE ENORMOUS ZIT THAT IS TRYING LIKE HELL TO ERUPT JUST UNDER MY CHIN!)….each and every one of you will rue the day that you ever challenged even one single voyeurnal entry as ‘overblown’, because now (well, actually, Christmas Day when the brand! new! camera! makes its appearance) I have the means to prove these things I communicate to you.

Or do you like the pictures in your head better? Vote, while you still have a voice!

We all know in our heart of hearts that it may likely be a moot point anyway. What is the overall likelihood that I’ll have a (beautiful! brand! new!) camera ready and waiting with freshly-charged batteries and enough memory with which to do anything each and every time I’m called to do so? Yeah. Most of you have been around long enough to answer that one. Oh She Of The Spastic Nature will get maybe a fourth of a fourth (what is that, like, eight percent? the mathtard needs some helps) of the shots necessary.

So yeah, WAFFLES! TOILET PAPER STUCK TO SAM’S SHOE! THE ENORMOUS ZIT THAT IS TRYING LIKE HELL TO ERUPT JUST UNDER MY CHIN! Look forward to it and weep. Until then, here is Mathias getting ready to go to the Christmas tree farm last weekend:

:: Mathias consistently brings the funny ::

All you folk just know there is a Christmas Tree Story (complete with photo of me hugging a tree, OMFGBBQANDSHIT) waiting in the wings. As always, it is chock-full of irony and Jett-specific Cosmic Twiststm that just have to be recounted. Till then, Cyberia, forever yours,

That Jett Grrrl

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