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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 29, 2007 || 9:14 am


Alright, which one of you sneaked in during the middle of the night to beat me mercilessly with a baseball bat and inject ice water in my veins? THERE WILL BE RETRIBUTION!

That is, after I can move without wincing, stand without being woozy, stop spitting this ungodly-colored stuff out of my head (black and yellow? the stuff in your head can go black and yellow?? the little bloody bits are a nice touch, though) and take off these fingerless gloves. THEN I’m coming for you.

Until then, it looks like a day of bad teevee and whimpering just a little.

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  1. skillzy 1.29.2007

    THAT will teach you to drink ice water with lemon. Gin kills germs.

  2. Shamrock 1.30.2007

    Ack. Bloody bits? Feel better soon.


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