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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 15, 2007 || 11:28 pm

“Get ready for the pain train!”

My brain has fallen out today. I have been laughing for over an hour because of the phrase “WOO! Welcome to MY house, twinkletoes! HA-HA!” Whatever disdain I had for that Fergie chick just got put on ice because of that commercial.

My search for that video led to this one, which defies my lame attempt at glowing praise.

Then there is this other one here, which I’ve watched –slack-jawed style– like three times.

While I am confessing, I have to tell you people that I, She Of Little TeeVee, am watching ‘I Love New York‘ boldly and without (much) shame. It’s just so damn campy and scripted. Like, B-movie style. With lots of heaving bosom and melodrama and bold declarations and bleeping over swears. It’s like watching those ’storyline’ pr0ns but without the BLEEP shots and three-BLEEP BLEEPINGS and your general BLEEEEEEP.

Without further ado, I must introduce my newest list: Aging Rock Stars That Didn’t Rate When I Was Eighteen, But Totally Do In The Here And Now. So far C.C. Deville is at the top with Ted Nugent following closely behind. Ozzy, bless his heart, will land on there somewhere, because I feel so damn sorry for him.

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