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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 31, 2007 || 6:57 pm

I get all teh points for geekery today.

This afternoon found me explaining exactly who Happy Noodle Boy is to Tess.

This evening found me fielding the following question from Mathias:

“Mommy, is it okay if we sit and watch The Lord Of The Rings after supper? I’m really a big fan.” (be still my heart!)

Also, I tried to read a book on code at various times throughout the day, but the coughing and sneezing proved to be too distracting so I said FUCK IT very loud and frustratedly, then alternated between working on an interactive art project and playing hangman with Tessa. I won, thirty-six to twenty-nine. ‘Defenestration’ is an excellent hangman word, as is ‘confabulated’.

I still feel like hammered shit, the end.

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  1. c 2.1.2007

    hey lady, you need to go feel better now.


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