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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 6, 2007 || 12:38 am

(I miss you.)

flushed from the wine, but settling in

:: the necklace, as modeled by the random drunk ::

I may be riddled with the terrible and ignoble, but

This morning I got caught up in

The sensation of a solitary drop of water

Rolling off of my eyelashes and hitting my foot:

This is the Not One-Tenth Of One-Tenth

We hammer one another with….

My soul is noisy and hopeful,

My passions are overwhelming and inordinary;

My song is these gestures,

Framed up in words

Inequal to the task of expression but

Willing to give it a shot nonetheless.

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  1. Shamrock 1.6.2007

    Ahhhhhh. That’s my geist.

  2. W. 1.7.2007


  3. chris robinson 1.8.2007

    It’s like a Buddhist koan — delicate, beautiful, provocative.


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