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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 28, 2007 || 2:33 pm

“I was lookin’ for Jesus, and I wound up with you.”

So there was a thing at church. It was, officially, a going-away thing and it happened to be for someone very, very dear to the Superior family. The way he strolled into our lives is a story in and of itself, but it’s not time for that telling. He is going, and while it is really a time of inexplicable sadness for the six of us, this going-away gathering was gleeful and silly and upbeat.

I was organizing a little surprise for him, and nine teenaged boys (my own Sam included in there) were integral to the pulling-off of this. Some of the girls in church were nosing around, so I gathered the guys up and headed off to find a quiet, private place where we could discuss the gameplan uninterrupted. I ended up herding The Nine into the men’s restroom and managed to get them quiet and attentive.

Someone tried to barge their way in, so I sort of rudely pushed them out by their face and locked the door after. When I turned back around, there were all these boys, grinning and expectant. Right about that time, Allen, who is not blessed with neither restraint nor tact, dumped a mess of words into the air.

“Oh my GOD, this is my FANTASY.” The look on his face sort of said, whoopsIsaidthataloudwhooooops and nearly every boy there had eyes the size of tea saucers.

“Allen honey,” hands on hips, I said gently and matter-of-factly to him, “I am far too old and much too exuberant for the likes of you.”

The boys all whooped and got rowdy, shoving Allen and jabbing him in the ribs; it was then my son’s best friend turned to my oldest boychild and hollered, “SAM! DO YOU SMELL THAT? YOUR MOM TOTALLY BURNED ALLEN!”

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