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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 18, 2007 || 1:27 pm

Let me show you why I love my readers, especially the behind-the-scenes ones.

I get lots of crazy-funny e-mails from the random persons that make up the World O’ Muffinass. Ninety-nine percent of those never make it to the site. Guess I’m just far too busy pissing myself with laughter to copy and paste. Sometimes, though, I’ll do you a solid and let you in on the joke. (Jack…anyone remember Jack? Gary? The guy that referred to himself as CuteRick? Boy-oh-boy.)

There are lots of things that go on behind the scenes of this whole voyeurnal business, and they swerve on into the territory of Pretty Cool quite frequently. For what I think could be the first time ever, I would like to share some of that business here. The ‘hey, zip! connection!’ stuff.

The backstory is that I mailed three people a poem that made my toes tingle and made my smile pop up unawares. One of them wrote back, and here’s what came of it.

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from: Longtime Muffinass

to: That Jett Grrrl

date: Jan 17, 2007 8:06 AM

re: prrrrrrrettttttty

Dear Jett’s Real Name,

Thanks so much for sending this. It leaves me thinking about The Book of Job. In the poem you divest yourself of things and voice to prepare for sacred ground. In Job, he had everything taken from him. He prepared for the voice in the Whirlwind by cursing everything but God. My favorite line? “God damn the day I was born.” Isn’t that what people with addictions call “rock bottom”?

What is common between the poem and Job is the clutter we accumulate that prevents clear views to the sacred in our lives. A few years ago I read a pile of books on simplifying your life. Of course I then had a pile of books on simplicity adding to the clutter.

This morning I stepped out into the snow. The air was still for the first time in days. It was well below zero, but I was in the rising sun. There was no noise from the pond across the way. I had a Mariposas moment. Then my nose froze shut and my hands began to ache. I had to go back inside.

I read your blog this morning, and I’m trying to imagine why anyone would ever feel the need to debase and hurt you. Because I am so non-confrontational there have been people who treated me like a doormat. I take it for a long time until I’m close to explosion. Each time I’ve called someone on their abusiveness, they’ve backed off. Their insecurities couldn’t have been more visible at that moment. You may be seeing something similar.

I hope all is well with you and your family. My gratitude for your writing and your kindness is just boundless. Is there anything better than e-mail from Jett Superior? I think not. Please take care. Keep warm!

His Real Name

from: That Jett Grrrl

to: Longtime Muffinass

date: Jan 18, 2007 1:21 PM

re: Re: prrrrrrrettttttty

I reckon my favorite part of the Job story is an odd one, but it’s a point that has always hung in my brain: Job’s friends sat in silence with him for seven days. I don’t know why I have dug into that bit, It Just Is.

I can’t recall if the scriptures earmark it as a condemning silence or one of empathetic supportiveness. Or, even, if it is vaguely ambiguous as the Bible sometimes tends to be. I need to look into that, and if it’s the very latter, note it in the space I have earmarked for ‘Things To Ask God In Person-like’. Though, I imagine once I get face-to-face with Him, that prolly won’t even be necessary at all, between the a) complete and abject reverence/worshipfulness and b) the whole auto-enlightenment business.

We shall see, my friend.

As ever,

Jett’s Real Name

pee ess….outlook significantly better today. Maybe I am growing up. Maybe??

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You interwebnets peoples, you matter. Okay?

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  1. chris robinson 1.19.2007

    This is my proudest moment.


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