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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 12, 2007 || 6:45 pm

Shopping for clubwear with Tess:

“I swear, if you show me one more shiny, short-sleeved track jacket, I will wrap my hands around your throat and choke. you. to. death.”

She then held up a t-shirt that said, ‘Party Like A Southern Girl’ on it and raised her eyebrows in a sort of ‘maaaaayyyyybe?’ gesture.

“That seals it: You have lost your fucking mind.”

A few minutes later we settled on a top that made us both squeal. She pushed the hanger toward me, and I noticed something.

“Awwwww, it’s a size too small!”

She thrust it further toward me and set her mouth.

Work it, sister.”

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  1. c 1.13.2007

    You said squeal.

    ps. Was there a pillow fight in panties after the shopping eggstravaganza? I read in National Geographic that the indiginous natives (is that redundant?) of Aleehbaahmaah often ritualed in skimpy panties using overstuffed pillows and Pabst Blue Ribbon to carry out their… you know… “ways”.

  2. Anonymous 1.13.2007

    Taking care of business…

  3. Jettomatika 1.14.2007

    Oh my God, do I love you.

    Tess left me a voice mail today, ominously whispering “Beee, teeee, ohhhhhhhh….”

    I love her, too, but not in That Way.

  4. Anonymous 1.14.2007

    also, c:

    At least I am not Teh Giggler.

    …and, we cannot speak of our Secrets Bammy Ritchools outside of the organization. You understand. (hint: Rolling Rock, not PBR)

  5. Jettomatika 1.14.2007

    Whoops, that second anonymous would be me. The first one is just some random Drunkdial Victim.


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