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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 1, 2007 || 11:27 pm


Shoulders should do without want

& lips should proffer delight

& arms should be at the ready

Sex should be filthy

& prayers should sing honest

& screams should be from the bottoms of your feet

Strength should come in increments

& knowing should come from the middle

& seeing should be done with your heart

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  1. Yes me 2.2.2007


    Screams SHOULD be from the bottom of your feet.

    It feels best that way.

    Great portrayal dude x

  2. Jettomatika 2.2.2007

    Thanks, Ireland. And, I have tits, thereby making me not a ‘d00d’.

    Here’s the front door should you want to come back: [All blogged up and nowhere to go.]


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