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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 23, 2007 || 10:54 pm


Dictionary.com Word of the Day – impregnable: able to resist attack.

From now on, that’s about the scope of it. Boy-and-how, do I believe in serendipity. Note to the masses: Not all attacks come hard and furious and belligerently, intending harm. Some come slowly, hiccuping and yawning and meaning sweetness.

Just when I thought I was learning the boundaries of my ignorance, I find that there is yet another side-door I was unaware of. Hammer, planks, nails and heavy furniture are being employed. Somebody’s gonna need a fucking cannon to get in again. Should that time arise, I hope I catch a sizable chunk of shrapnel to the frontal lobe. You know, so as to have a viable excuse for my idiocy.

The heart is a silly, useless thing outside the bounds of pushing fluids from here to yon and pulling them back again.

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  1. skillzy 2.24.2007

    Big talker. You’ll be back, just like Michael Corleone and the Terminator.


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