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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 20, 2007 || 10:49 pm

I wanna kiss Stellman on the mouth.

A few months back I was issued an invitation to join an all-boys foray into mixtapery. The premise was this: A couple-handsful of freaky music junkies taking monthly turns mailing out a ceedee of teh musicks to the other eleven.

I won’t tell you the super-top-secret name of this club (which one member stubbornly adds far too many adjectives to, hoping for a name coup), but I will tell you that a couple months ago we ushered in our second girl-type member. This, as you know, is further proof that I am a credit to Other Females Everywhere. You are welllllllcome, double-exxers!

I’m proud to know that the first submission she held in her hands was the one that Stellman graced us with this month. Boy did he ever serve up the booty. I love strangers with candy AND music.

And I swear, had the internet been so omnipresent when I was in eleventh grade as it is now, I never woulda graduated high school.

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