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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 12, 2007 || 11:11 am


Tess just proclaimed the word rueda ‘not fun’.

Also, she would like you all to know that I have set her up a Gmail account and now she may GoogleTalk to her heart’s content. You see, she has more time to dick around communicate with her fellow man while she is here at work than I do.

When asked what I should tell you folk as a lure to add her to your contact list(s), she said, “Tell them that I am a fun! girl!. They also need to know that I can sing the ‘Mister Bucket’ jingle in its entirety, all en espanol.” I ask you, HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT HER AS YOUR PAL??

Shovelthumbs. At, you know, Geemails dot coms.

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