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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 7, 2007 || 11:07 pm

dueling expressions

I spend all this time telling you about my dreams and the (not so?) quiet things that move me; you tell me something in return. Just one little thing that is steeped in passion, yet you rarely-to-never give a voice to.

Take your time. And certainly do remain as anonymous as you please.

dueling expressions

Staring eye to eye

Then slowly me again

In another room they sit

Listening to other lies

And do it all the time

// Magnapop, ‘Slowly, Slowly’

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  1. st 3.10.2007

    i was a relatively free spiritied (read: irresponsible) 25 year old when my happy little world was torn apart by the sudden, unexpected and completely avoidable death of my healthy, 56 year old mother. a routine surgery with a negligent doctor turned into a 2 month coma, where i spent my days begging her to wake up and my nights cloaked in nightmares. then came the eventual removal of life support, where i stood alone and watched her die. every day of my life, i live for her. otherwise, i wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. my motivation, my poise, my inspiration, my fire. sometimes i wonder if i would have turned out to be half the gal i am today if it had never happened.

  2. Jettomatika 3.11.2007


    I was feeling very bitter about the interwebnets indeedy just before you posted this. Saying something along the lines of “Cold day in HELL before I post AGAIN, why won’t these people RESPOND, garblebarblefleek.”

    Then here you are, and I remember as a result that I never gave you adequate thanks for the film you sent me after my wreck. It was pretty overwhelming, all-in-all, and I was just so blessed that you chose to share something so raw and poignant with me. There weren’t the words, really and truly.

    So, thank you. Then and now again, thank you very, very much.

  3. sara 3.12.2007

    ever so much, you are welcome. damn skippy somebody better be giving something back to you, with all that you give freely. i was shocked to find an empty page of responses here, i felt more than compelled. but it’s a story i don’t talk about, and it was good, to say the least, to type it. the secrets we never tell, that fuel each of our days.

  4. Suzanne 3.14.2007

    Since you asked…. lately, i’ve found myself to be generally happy with life and the things going on in it, yet wanting something I could not put my hands on. been searching inside to determine what that someTHING was – and realized it was a someTHING with someONE instead – a growth and better understanding of ME through God’s eyes. i’ve been back involved in church and choir and things for the past year or two – after an estimated 15 year hiatus – and have seen my life only get better and better. with the start of Lent, my ENTIRE church began reading a wonderful book called Treasures of the Transformed Life. (<— a must read for anyone; the author is the minister of a large church in Birmingham!) and each day, each new chapter opens up so much in my head and heart. it’s just wonderful – it really makes me think and grow and want to do so much MORE for this hardened world, God, and myself. i can’t wait to finish it – and start it all over again and again. it just speaks to me.

  5. suzanne - part 2 3.14.2007

    And thank you Jett, for giving strangers the opportunity to take their xray goggles and get a peek at your insides. i really do love to read your blog! :-)

  6. Jettomatika 3.14.2007

    SUZANNE! That was by far the best comment you ever left here at [Abuantg.].



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