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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 16, 2007 || 6:21 am

Gimme an X! Gimme another X! Multiply that times three! GO TEAM!

If you are, say, the kind of person that did not choose to associate with females as you were growing up because they seemed to you to be just so damned difficult, then raising daughters might prove to be somewhat a challenge when you are a certified grownelly-up.

This morning the most emotionally unruly daughter was at her sweetest and kindest and most helpful while the other two were having their own versions (“Lili! Put. The pants. On. Now.”) of defiant (“Scout, if is so dang hard for you to be productive while being so fashion-conscious, then I can solve the problem for you by confiscating those heels and setting! Them! Onnfiiirrrrrre.” Poor Scout. Lili got to me first and stole all my patience clean away.) meltdowns.

One day, I aim to figure out how to be a pro at this whole ‘mother’ gig. For now, I am going to go have a Lush bath. And maybe swear copiously in an ‘outside voice’. The bathroom has these really great, really satisfying acoustics.

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  1. skillzy 3.16.2007

    Gawd I need a Lush bath. And a little less difficulty from the wimmens in my life.

    Hope falters, Hope fades, but Hope is never foolish. (repeat as necessary)

  2. redclay 3.17.2007

    you don’t know Hope like i know her.

    a drunk friend of mine was squinting at the tv awhile back.

    they were interviewing a climber after a week and half his foot.

    and he was saying “We never lost Hope. We never did. It got us down off the mountain.”

    and my buddy says “Yeah, but Hope put your dumbass up on the mountain in the first place.”


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