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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 30, 2007 || 3:23 pm


So artist Cosimo Cavallaro made a big ole sculpture of Jesus.

Obviously, the Catholic church has no qualms with big ole statues of Jesus. You can’t trip over most someones of the Catholic persuasion without knocking all kinds of iconography off of their person.

Jesus cast up in a whole (excellently-rendered, btw) mess of chocolate dubbed ‘My Sweet Lord’, however, poses sorm sort of problem. There is outrage! There is boycotting! There is upset!

But really. ‘My Sweet Lord’? In chocolate? That is one of the most fabulous things of all time, ever. Ev. ERRR. Please recall that I love me some Jesus Christ a whole, whole very lot. That, coupled with my fondness for righteous indignance, would make me of all people puff up were there something truly amiss, I think….

But I’m just thinking it was a pretty terrific idea and I’m just agog at the fact that some people’s sticks are stuck so very far up their asses that I may as well just give up hope that they’ll ever see the light of day, much less be used for kindling.

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