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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 26, 2007 || 12:25 pm

I R Smert (or, ‘Go-ooooh, ME!’)

What I did just now: Pulled car keys from front pocket of scrubs. Pulled house keys from (deliciously cute, new little barrel) purse. Aimed car keys at doorknob on house. Hit the unlock button not once, not twice, but three times in attempt to unlock side door of Superior domicile.

Mocked self loudly and hit self in the head.

The only part of this that was a lie was the ‘hit self in head’ bit. My hands were full (OF KEYS!, how quaint) and thus I was prevented from doing so. I charge ever onward in pursuit of victory!

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  1. Shamrock 3.26.2007

    I’ve done that too often to count. I’ve also tried to use the phone to change the channel on the telly, and tried to answer the remote when the phone rings. Life’s complicated these days, ain’t it? My boyfriend holds up his EZ Pass tag at red lights occasionally, thinking that makes it OK to just drive through . . . Glad to hear there are others like us.


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