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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 12, 2007 || 10:02 pm

I was watching the New York Dolls on the teevee-thing.

I call it ‘the teevee-thing’ because it is brand new and so special that when it came here to reside in our home it merited its very own new console and multi-deeveedee-playing-surround-sound boxes and geegaws. It’s like an electronic frankenstein or some shit. Only, frankenstein wasn’t sleek and sexy. The new teevee-thing most assuredly is. I know this is true because the girls stay huddled around it in the living room now; I used to have to coax them out of their teenager hovels with various trickeries and bribes.

MAXIM: hm.

JETT: what.

MAXIM: these guys.

JETT: ‘these guys’? ‘these guys’?? you don’t know who the new york dolls are?

MAXIM: ehhhm, uh-uh.

JETT: you are killing my plaid little heart. okay. you know who buster poindexter is, right?

MAXIM: yeah. *pause* ohhhh, i knew the lead singer looked familiar! wait, is that his hair or is he wearing a wig?

JETT: *chewing on lip*

JETT: *chewing on lip hard*

MAXIM: that’s buster poindexter? didn’t he make some really stupid music during the eighties?

JETT: shut up, shut up, i can’t take it anymooooore!

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  1. skillzy 3.13.2007

    No, wait! He was the cabbie in Scrooged! That’s it!

  2. Jettomatika 3.13.2007

    …to clarify, I meant frankenstein’s monster. And the no-caps thing was possibly an on-purpose deal.

    Skillzy: and his fingernails were terribly, terribly dirty and disgusting. As were his teefs. Blech.


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